Commercial Truck Insurance

Insurance for Commercial Trucks

Insurance for Commercial Trucks is readily available and is big business, as well. Big rigs are very expensive commodities and generally carry cargo that is also expensive and valuable. The combination requires extensive protection – against loss, of course – and it doesn’t come cheaply.

While consumers who buy cars can acquire automobile insurance that is straightforward and anything but complex, the same cannot be said for purchasers of insurance for Commercial Trucks. If you’ve ever purchased insurance for an 18-wheeler, or if you’re planning to do so, you need to know about the differences between what you will need and what you normally buy for the car that sits in your driveway.

Truck InsuranceFor one, standard automobile insurance usually includes liability and collision as the core elements of the coverage. Insurance for Commercial Trucks also includes standard liability protection. But, it includes more, too. For example, you may need coverage for the trailer … the section of your truck that holds the “cargo” you deliver to and for your customers. And, speaking of cargo (the merchandise you carry and deliver), you need coverage for that, as well.

Since your Commercial Truck costs much more than a normal private vehicle, insurance rates are immediately higher. And, because you need to insure the cargo you carry when you work, your coverage is even more expensive. The cargo can, of course, be anything from inexpensive gadgets to items that are very costly. And that is why insurers charge you a premium for the cargo insurance that you must have for your own personal protection

Importantly, there are currently many insurers willing to provide coverage for your big rig. Competition is fierce … so Insurance for Commercial Trucks is highly competitive. Rates differ and they vary from high to modest to relatively inexpensive. The reality is that, if you have a Commercial Truck, and you operate it professionally (that is, you run a business) you must have a good insurance plan to protect your investment in the truck and to protect yourself, as well.

As I‘ve already said, there are many insurers you can turn to for Insurance for Commercial Trucks.  You can ask another trucker who he or she uses … you can flip through the Yellow Pages … or, if you’re even a little computer-savvy, you can search for an appropriate insurer online.

You’ll find many options available to you. Your job, once that happens, is to do a little extra research … to compare premiums for similar coverage … to uncover the truth about the insurer’s financial stability and ability to pay claims … and then – to make the right decision.

It could well be that you’ll discover there is little difference between one insurance company and another. In that case, trust your instincts when making a final decision. You will almost certainly choose wisely.

And remember: you are a businessman. Your Commercial Truck is an asset that requires the best possible protection. Spend more if necessary, not less, to get the best and most comprehensive protection you can. It will be worth the investment.